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Some points before doing nose surgery

Some points before doing nose surgery

Before nose surgery , do not eat anything. Two weeks before and after nose surgery do not smoke cigarette and do not take Aspirin pill. There are some special tests that you have to do; also it is necessary to prepare some atelier photos of your nose in different dimensions. ( Some points before doing nose surgery )

8 hours before nose surgery, do not eat anything and your stomach should be empty .if Who are suitable for nose surgerysomething is in stomach during nose surgery it makes content of stomach come back and go to breathing path. Although existence of a plastic tube in your windpipe during Rhinoplasty reduces this danger but if stomach is not empty, still the danger exists .you should know that you do not have to eat and drink as you can 7 and 59 hour before nose surgery and full your stomach. In this way you are far from not eating anything before nose surgery .the best way is that the night before nose surgery eat light dinner and in the morning go for nose surgery while do not eat breakfast.

If you smoke, two weeks before surgery, stop smoking. Of course if the time of stopping smoking is longer, it is better. Cigarette reduces oxygen in blood and increases breathing problem during nose surgery. Amount of oxygen in blood is one of the important points that during nose surgery is controlled by apparatus carefully and shown on monitor.

Two weeks before and after nose surgery avoid taking some medicine like Aspirin and Ibuprofen. Because these pills lead to bleeding during nose surgery and make surgery to be problematic.

The following tests should be done before Rhinoplasty:

  • FBS: fasting blood sugar
  • CBC: completing blood count
  • PTT and PT:  Partial thromboplastin time
  • HIV
  • HBsAg
  • HCVAb
  • β- HCG: (for women) pregnancy test

If you are suffer from nasal congestion or have outside nasal deviation (the nose is deviated from outside), based on nose surgeon advises, you have to prepare CT scan photos from your nose. ( Some points before doing nose surgery )

Some herbal medicines increase bleeding after nose surgery. Medicines that include garlic, ginseng, ginger and ginkgo Bolivia should be avoided. Also vitamin E and cod-liver oil can increase bleeding. These medicines that mentioned above should be avoided two weeks before and one week after nose surgery.



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