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Splint of nose

Splint of nose

One of the common types of plastic surgery is nose surgery and sometimes this type of surgery is done for treatment. It means that because of congenital reasons,( Splint of nose ) injury or a Splint of nose kind of hitting, the nose fractures or deviates or sensitivity of the nose makes the mucus of the sinus is aggregated like a mass and creates Polyps. Having such problems makes breathing problems for the person and even if these problems are not cured they lead to some diseases like Asthma. Because of this reason, plastic surgeons suggest nose surgery. In some cases the person who has nose surgery does not satisfy about his or her nose from the beauty aspect and wants the shape and form of his or her nose to be changed. so if the person`s nose has a kind of medical problem like the problems mentioned above , treatment operation and plastic surgery are done at the same time . But in some cases, the person who does not have any medical problem in his or her nose wants to do nose surgery and just wants to have a change in the form and shape of nose. It should be mentioned that in this type of surgery maybe some irreparable outcomes happen to the person , for example some problems happens for breathing paths and the person cannot breath normally . Nose surgery is done by using aesthetic medicine. In any way, after nose surgery, like any other type of surgery, the person`s nose needs wound dressing to avoid infection and bleeding. In nose surgery, apart from wound dressing, in order to have fix shape and form of the nose and no changes happen to it Ethel is needed.

What is splint of the nose?

Splint Thermoplastic is a material made of plastic that when it expose to the heat it forms and by coldness turns to plaster. Nose surgeon use splint Thermoplastic in nose surgery to make plastering shape for the nose and in other words it is an splint for holding the nose fix. Usually nose surgeon after one week wash the Splint which is used in the nose in order to separated it from the nose and after that, use special tape to fix it. This work must be done by nose surgeon in the clinic.


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