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Swells after Rhinoplasty

Swells after Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery )

Nose surgery can have remarkable results but after Rhinoplasty obtaining quick results is impossible because this kind of surgery is complicated and offensive relatively and for initiative healing, two weeks are needed. During this time the nose has bruise and swell .in the following we discussed about swell after Rhinoplasty. ( Swells after Rhinoplasty )

What is the reason of appearing swell after Rhinoplasty?Swells after Rhinoplasty

After finishing Rhinoplasty, swells of nose are appeared. Because of injuries of tissues, initiative swells are appeared. Secondary swells are appeared because of collection of liquid that can be on your face for some months.  Most of swells that are left after initiative healing is because of collection of liquid and swells of skin.

Process of swell

Swells are disappeared by passing time but in first days after surgery they reach to their maximum amount and even in first days after Rhinoplasty the nose looks worse than the time before nose surgery. There is nothing to be worry and they are temporary. During this time the operated place is red and swelled and is sensitive to touching with hand and it is possible when you touch this place is warm. Bruise is observable till two weeks and after that its color turns to yellow and disappeared gradually. In time of initiative healing you have to pay attention that some symptoms are existed like fever, purulent or severe pain. Swells of tip of nose are disappeared lately and it is possible that swell in this place disappeared after 18 month. A swell which does not disappeared after 4 month is so rare. Swells in people who have oily skin are more visible.( Swells after Rhinoplasty )

Some ways for reducing swells after Rhinoplasty

  • Hold your head upward: holding head upward leads to better blood circulation in face that can decrease swells around nose and eyes.
  • Ice compressor: using ice compressor is one of the simple ways of reducing and prohibiting swells and also decreasing felling of pain that can be done at home.
  • Avoiding taking bath with hot water: many people for reducing swells take hot water bath but we do not suggest this because it leads to increasing swells.
  • Lessen use of Sodium: using too much sodium is not recommended in this period because when you have swell, sodium can make many problems.
  • People who have nose surgery they have to use splint till their scars start to be healed and this splint helps that swells after surgery are reduced.
  • Limit activities and movements: after nose surgery activities which offend different parts of face should be avoided.

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