15 Aug

How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty

How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty : After nose surgery, nose is become soft and no pressure should impose to it. During first week that splint is on the nose using glasses are not creating any problem but after this time till one month glasses […]

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17 Apr

Voice change after Rhinoplasty

Voice change after Rhinoplasty Is it possible the voice of person is changed after Rhinoplasty ? In modern method of Rhinoplasty the possibility of changing the quality of voice after nose surgery is so low.( Voice change after Rhinoplasty ) In past times after nose surgery the problem of changing the tone of voice of person happened more because […]

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05 Feb

after nose surgery

What should you do after nose surgery Care after surgery Training after surgery for patients A) Introduction Please read the instructions before and after surgery is expected to become familiar with them, to have the best result by following them. If you have questions came up after nose surgery that what to do? Call me […]

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