05 Aug

What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty

What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty? Doing treatment surgery on nose is actually called secondary Rhinoplasty and if after first surgery, obtained results are not satisfactory secondary Rhinoplasty is done.( What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty ) What is secondary Rhinoplasty? Secondary Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is done on a nose which […]

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26 Jul

Taping nose after Rhinoplasty

Taping nose after Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) If people do not satisfy of the appearance of their nose, they intend to have nose surgery. Nose surgery is done in order to change the form of nose and also remove other problems inside nose. After having Rhinoplasty paying attentions to after-cares are important. One of […]

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23 Jul

What should be done after having Rhinoplasty

What should be done after having Rhinoplasty? Nose surgery needs some after-cares that by considering all of them under supervision of nose surgeon it is possible that to pass convalescence easily .in this article we try to answer your questions regarding cares after having Rhinoplasty. You have to remember that considering your diet, ways of […]

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18 Jul

What tests should be done before having nose surgery?

What tests should be done before having nose surgery? ( rhinoplasty ) One of the most common surgeries in our country is Rhinoplasty which people for reshaping form of their nose and their facial beauty want to have Rhinoplasty. Some tests should be done before having nose surgery and considered by nose surgeon and if […]

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17 Jul

Preparation before nose surgery

Preparation before nose surgery ( Rhinoplasty ) Before having nose surgery some points should be done so the following points are the things that should be done before operation ( Preparation before nose surgery ) People who smoke , from two weeks before nose surgery should avoid smoking Please prepare a copy from protocol of […]

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12 Jul

Osteotomy in nose surgery

Osteotomy in nose surgery ( Rhinoplasty ) In this article we present some explanations about osteotomy in Rhinoplasty. During nose surgery after removing hump of nose, nose looks wide so for making width of nose look thinner a kind of tool is used that lateral wall of bone of nose and upward part Maxillary bone […]

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11 Jul

Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty

Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most common surgeries in Iran. Some people for removing breathing problems decide to have Rhinoplasty while some other people want to have nose surgery just to reshape their nose and improve their facial look. Beauty nose surgery has different forms that one […]

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08 Jul

What is CT scan of nose

What is CT scan of nose? ( nose surgery ) CT scan is a kind of apparatus that by using X-ray can take photo from different parts of body and doctors with these graphs which have high quality can diagnose problems in intended part of body. Usually CT scan of nose is used to observe […]

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03 Jul

Rhinoplasty for men

Rhinoplasty for men In recent years a number of men who want to have Rhinoplasty have been increased a lot so there should be special attention to nose surgery of men. There are some delicate differences between nose surgery of men and women. In men removing back part of nose and making bow should be […]

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01 Jul

Tip plasty

Tip plasty ( beauty nose surgery¬†) These days many people intend to have beauty nose surgery. Most of these people like to have Rhinoplasty just for the reason of their face beauty and increasing their self confidence and they are ready to accept side effects of Rhinoplasty in any way. Because face is an organ […]

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