01 Jul

Tip plasty

Tip plasty ( beauty nose surgery¬†) These days many people intend to have beauty nose surgery. Most of these people like to have Rhinoplasty just for the reason of their face beauty and increasing their self confidence and they are ready to accept side effects of Rhinoplasty in any way. Because face is an organ […]

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24 Jun

Ways of treating a fractured nose

Ways of treating a fractured nose It is not weird that nose as a convex part of face is exposed to more fracturing in comparison to other bones of head. Fracturing of nose makes a lot of changes on face of a person and creates problems for breathing through nose. In the following we discussed […]

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18 Jun

Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it

Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it Symmetric nose which is in middle of face increases beauty of face and when it is in consistent with other parts of face it makes cheeks, lips and eyes have better look. Deviated nose can attract attention of others in first look, so beauty of face and parts of […]

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15 Jun

Rhinoplasty of boney noses

Rhinoplasty of boney noses Noses which have hump and this hump makes nose look bended and curved are called boney noses. One of the common reasons of people for Rhinoplasty of this kind of nose is removing this hump. This hump on bone of nose has different size and based on form and size of […]

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13 Jun

Rhinoplasty of meaty noses

Rhinoplasty of meaty noses ( nose surgery ) First of all a brief explanation about meaty nose and Rhinoplasty of meaty nose are presented. Thick skin and weak cartilages is a simple definition for meaty nose. The reason for having thick skin is that there is too much sebaceous gland in beneath layer of skin […]

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10 Jun

What are the Methods of doing Rhinoplasty

What are the Methods of doing Rhinoplasty? ( nose surgery ) Among different methods of doing nose surgery following methods can be done more. They are: Open method Closed method Choosing one of these two methods depends on condition of patient`s nose (pyramid of nose) .in cases when there is no need to change the […]

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06 Jun


Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a kind of surgery that its purpose is to reshape the nose and makes it look beautiful but in this surgery apart from beautification of nose its normal function should be preserved. Before having nose surgery: Do not eat anything and two weeks before your operation avoid smoking. Also […]

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03 Jun

What should be done before nose surgery

What should be done before nose surgery ? Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is done for reshaping and beautifying of nose. In this kind of operation the only important criteria is not beautifying the nose but the normal functional of nose should be kept .in this article we want to know what should be done before […]

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31 May

Nose surgeon

Nose surgeon ( nose surgery ) The first step for having a good nose surgery is choosing a skilful and experienced nose surgeon. Because many of the cases who have Rhinoplasty just pay attention to the final result of operation that is the beauty aspect of it and the normal breathing after surgery does not […]

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29 May

The difference between deviated nose and deviation of nose

The difference between deviated nose and deviation of nose There is a light blade in nose which called septum. In normal condition, this blade is located exactly in the middle of nostrils of nose and is straight completely. In some people this blade has deviation and creates some problems and makes the person has to […]

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