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Taping nose after Rhinoplasty

Taping nose after Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery )

If people do not satisfy of the appearance of their nose, they intend to have nose Taping nose after Rhinoplastysurgery. Nose surgery is done in order to change the form of nose and also remove other problems inside nose. After having Rhinoplasty paying attentions to after-cares are important. One of the points that should take in to consideration after nose surgery is taping the nose. Nose surgeons suggest that after Rhinoplasty for contracting skin and solidifying bone and cartilages the nose should be taped. Taping nose after Rhinoplasty can prohibit making scar tissue between skin and tissue of bone and cartilage. If scar tissue is made and skin is contracted, skin cannot cover structures around itself completely and it leads to creating weal and unevenness on the skin. ( Taping nose after Rhinoplasty )

After having Rhinoplasty it is recommended that for two to three weeks nose is taped and for having more suitable result continue taping your nose for some months.

What type of tape should be used?

It is suggested that people use medical tape made of paper with length of one and half centimeter. These tapes are not so expensive and you can buy it from drugstores. Some nose surgeons prefer using micro porous tape because it does not make allergy for the person. Before taping nose, you have to wash your cheeks and nose with warm water and soap or clean them with a cotton moistened with alcohol. This leads to cleaning oil and make up materials on the skin. ( Taping nose after Rhinoplasty ).

About Dr. mahboubi Rad

Dr Mahboubi Rad is an Otolaryngologist who allocated his most of activities to the field of Rhinopladty and face . He passed his geneal medical courses in Shahid Beheshti university and graduated in 2003 and since 2007 to 2011 has spent   expertise times in the field of ear, nose and throat in Amir Alam hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospital And for 3 years after graduation at the same time aggressed  to treating patients in public and private hospitals  and after that has proceeded to beauty activities and innovation in rhinoplasty and plastic face surgery in private clinics.

Dr mahboubi rad already has the highest rate of referral from foreign models and artists in the field of cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty
To sign of creating semi-fantasy and fantasy style has been considered
currently in a private clinics  in Tehran and Ukraine is doing surgeries


About the Author

About Dr. mahboubirad Farshid mahboubi rad specialist in ear, nose and throat Dr. Who allocated most of his activities in the field of rhinoplasty and face, spent his general Medical courses at the Shahid Beheshti University Graduated in13 81 and since 85 to 89 has spent expertise times in the field of ear, nose and throat in Amir Alam hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospita | nose surgery

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