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Taping the nose after nose surgery

Taping the nose after nose surgery

After plastic surgery some questions regarding Taping the nose after nose surgery, required time for using tape on the nose or effects of taping the nose after surgery and …etc arise .in the following we explain more. The main reason for taping the nose after surgery is to reduce swell and give a fixed form to the nose. Taping the nose during the first two weeks after surgery is necessary to shape the nose and fix the intended form that the nose surgeon made and after two weeks more taping the nose can reduce swelling of the nose. The required time for using tape on the nose is different. It can be between 2 weeks to 2 months. This different time depends on the type of skin of nose. If the skin of the nose is clear and thin the tape can be removed after 2 weeks but if the skin is thick, it is better to use the tape on the nose up to two months. Maybe the people who have nose surgery , ask this question that, does it make any problem to use the tape on the nose for a longer time? the answer is that taping the nose for people who have nose surgery with Taping the nose after nose surgerythin or thick skin is different .in the case of thin skin tape should be on the nose up to 6 months and it doesn`t make any problem . But for the people who have thick skin, it is better to use tape for a longer time. The method of putting tape on the nose should be done very carefully and the important point is that, tip of the nose should not be under the tape .also the time of changing the tape is important and should be considered. The usual time for changing the tape is between 3 to 6 days while if the tape becomes dirty or lose it should be changed sooner. for the first week after surgery it is recommended that your surgeon changes the tape and after learning how to do it you can change it by yourself .for changing the tape it is better to wash the skin of nose with soap and warm water .by doing this work the skin is not oily and after drying the skin you can tape the nose. The important point in removing the tape is that you have to do it by your both hands, in a way that, by one hand hold the skin of nose and by another hand removes the tape. Indeed this work should be done slowly and carefully .in a case that removing the tape is done with separating the skin of the nose from it’s beneath tissues, gradually by passing time, it leads to making a kind of additional tissue under the skin. When taping the nose is near to its last days of determined time, it is better to tape the nose every night at least for two weeks and in days remove it or tape the nose every other day. The reason is that if the tape is removed suddenly, it makes nose to be swelled.

The best type of tape for nose

Micropore tape is one of the best types of tape for nose. It is anti sensitive and has good stickiness. There is other type of tapes that called glass tape. These types of tapes make skin to be red and oily so because of this reason it is not recommended to use, just in a case that the person wants to have tape on his or her nose for a short period of time or after nose surgery oil on the skin of the nose is reduced, this type of tape is suggested to be used. And the last point that most of people who have nose surgery ask is that is it possible not to tape their nose for one or two days? There is nothing to be worried. Some of these people because they want to take part in a ceremony and do not like to have tape on their nose, so there is no problem not to tape their nose and they can put tape on their nose again after ceremony.


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