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Thick Skin Rhinoplasty

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery )

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty Everybody has different facial features and unique characteristics.Thick Skin Rhinoplasty

When we are talking about rhinoplasty, nasal features affect on outcome of the rhinoplasty surgery, and these aspects make a big difference in hot complicated the nose surgery will be.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common and hard facial surgeries and Thick skin is, is a case that can make nose surgery more difficult.

Therefore, a surgeon must be proficient, expert and artistic. Although thick skin rhinoplasty is more challenging, but when you choose a skilled surgeon who is comfortable with your desired nose, you can attain good result.

How Thick Skin Affects Rhinoplast?

Rhinoplasty surgery involves lifting the nose skin until reach, rebuild and reshape the bone and cartilage. When the skin is thicker, it is more challenging to access the underlying structures.

Consequently, thick nose skin usually has less definition, so it is harder for surgeons to enhance and improve the nasal structure. Very thick nose skin needs a unique surgical method for these reasons: ( Thick Skin Rhinoplasty )

Thick skin nose can obscure bone and hard tissue which are underlying structure of the nose.

After surgery, people with thick nose skin, experience more swelling and inflammation, more than people with thin nose skin.

Patient with thick nose skin, don’t get the result as fast as patient with thin nose skin.

Rhinoplasty Techniques for Thick Nose Skin

In order to improve the structure of the nose in patients with thick nose skin, specific rhinoplasty techniques and methods can be used.

Grafts on the Tip and Bridge: surgeon may use cartilage grafts on the tip and bridge to reach a better definition.

Reducing Fat in the Soft Tissue: Reducing fatty part of the soft tissue, can make a better result, and more defined nose. Of course, it is very important that fat removing do masterly and in a conservative way.

Reduction of the Nose Size: Surgeon may reduce the total size of the nose, and make it more delicate. This technique should be done in a specific and measured method.

Healing time for thick skin rhinoplasty

Healing time in thick skin nose is more prolonged than thin skin nose. Although, primary timeline is equal in both and patients can back to work after one or two weeks, but inflammation can exist longer in thick skin nose. In people with thick skin nose a little of inflammation and swelling may persist until 18 months after surgery. This means patients with thick skin nose have to wait more and be patient about changes that occur to get the final outcome.

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