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Using cartilage of rib for nose surgery

Using cartilage of rib for nose surgery

In a case that the person`s nose bone structure has some cartilage deformations  and a significant amount of cartilages are needed to reform them so the best source for preparing these amount of cartilages is the cartilage of the person`s rib himself or herself .( Using cartilage of rib for nose surgery )

Some examples of using cartilage of rib in nose surgery are when a severe accident or Using cartilage of rib for nose surgery previous unsuccessful operations lead to severe damages to skeleton of nose and also beside above cases there are some people whose noses skeletons have cartilage deficiencies genetically. For example some African races or Afghan and East Asian races have deficiency in growing cartilages of their noses. For these people using their cartilage of their ribs is the best source. Using the cartilage of rib is done by a cut about 4 or 5 cm on chest.( Using cartilage of rib for nose surgery )

In this method usually a tiny amount of cartilage of sixth rib is removed. Removing this tiny amount of cartilage of rib does not have any bad effect on chest and rib in long run. In contrast to people`s idea, there is little pain after nose surgery and if a professional technique is used for surgery, no side effect happens for patient. There are other sources of cartilage in body, for example ear is a good place for preparing cartilage and is more available than cartilage of rib but the main problem of cartilage of ear is that it is less and it can be used in surgeries when a little amount of cartilage is needed, For instance in simple plastic operations cartilage of nose can be used.

Apart from cartilage of rib and ear there are other sources of cartilages that some of them are artificial cartilage and donated cartilages. Artificial cartilage has permanent and beauty results but there is a possibility of infection or bringing the cartilage out of skin. The rayed donated cartilages have beauty results as well but they may be absorbed and removed .by considering above mentioned explanations, the person`s cartilage himself or herself is the best source for preparing needed cartilages.


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