17 Apr

Voice change after Rhinoplasty

Voice change after Rhinoplasty

Is it possible the voice of person is changed after Rhinoplasty ? In modern method of Rhinoplasty the possibility of changing the quality of voice after nose surgery is so low.( Voice change after Rhinoplasty )

In past times after nose surgery the problem of changing the tone of voice of person happened more because the nose surgeons concentrated to small the nose. So the inside spaces of nose become small and thigh and leaded to change the voice of person after surgery.

Today nose surgeons who use old and reduction methods of Rhinoplasty confront this Voice change after Rhinoplastyproblem and some of their patients suffer from obstruction of nose and changed quality of their voices. In modern methods of Rhinoplasty nose surgeons focus on beautifying and making good form for the nose and smallness of the nose is their second criteria in surgery. This is not meant that the nose does not become small, big nose should become small but the main priority of nose surgeon is preserving the structure of nose and in making the nose small constantly they are careful that the patient breathing process does not disordered . This point is more important for professional singers and athletes and nose surgeons should have more focus to repair and keep breathing channels be open.( Voice change after Rhinoplasty )

According to above explanation in modern methods of nose surgery the possibility of changing the quality of voice is so low. ( Voice change after Rhinoplasty )

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