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Ways of treating a fractured nose

Ways of treating a fractured nose

It is not weird that nose as a convex part of face is exposed to more fracturing in comparison to other bones of head. Fracturing of nose makes a lot of changes on face of a person and creates problems for breathing through nose. In the following we discussed about this issue. ( Ways of treating a fractured nose )

Deviation of septum of nose

Fracture of nose can lead to deviation of septum of nose and tightness of breathing channel on that place. For treating fracture of such nose doing nose surgery is necessary.

Fracture of cartilage

If fracture of nose generated because of severe car accident there is possibility of fracture of cartilage as well. If fracture is so severe that needs to be operated, during surgery all problems of cartilage and bone are removed.( Ways of treating a fractured nose )

Diagnosing a fractured noseWays of treating a fractured nose

First of all, doctor asks some questions and checks person`s face. Patient should explain about how his or her nose is broken, state of his or her general health and also form of his or her nose before being fractured. Nose surgeon apart from nose checks places around the nose and pays attention to swell, bruises and scars which are made by fracture. Besides, maybe nose surgeon for better diagnosing prescribes radiography and CT scan.

Ways of treating a fractured nose

If the nose is fractured but not dislocates so just rest and doing some cares is enough and there is no other way to treat this fracture. But if nose is fractured so severe to the extent that also dislocates there are some ways to treat it.

In some cases doctor in his clinic by using sedation medicines can put the dislocated bones in their correct places and by using a plaster mould holds the fractured bones in correct place that should be put on nose for two weeks.

If two weeks pass after nose is being fractured, for straighten of your nose,  you have to wait some times in order to have nose surgery that maybe this time has lasts for two or three months .

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