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What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty

What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty?

Doing treatment surgery on nose is actually called secondary Rhinoplasty and if after first surgery, obtained results are not satisfactory secondary Rhinoplasty is done.( What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty )

  • What is secondary Rhinoplasty?What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty?

Secondary Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is done on a nose which is operated before for making form and function of the nose better. Many people who had Rhinoplasty before because are not satisfied of the appearance of their nose or some breathing problems want to have secondary surgery on their nose. Doing secondary Rhinoplasty is more difficult and complicated than first Rhinoplasty. So a skilful and experienced nose surgeon should do secondary surgery of nose. ( What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty )

  • Who is best candidate for having secondary Rhinoplasty?

People who are good candidate for secondary Rhinoplasty are healthy and are not satisfy of their previous nose surgery. A good time for having secondary Rhinoplasty is at least one year after first Rhinoplasty.

Reasons that secondary Rhinoplasty is necessary to be done

  • Unnatural and inconsistent tip of the nose
  • Too much distance between nostrils of nose
  • Too much bigness of nose
  • Having breathing problems or dry nose
  • Dissatisfaction of first nose surgery
  • Deviation of septum of nose or in other words deviated nose

Some advices for people who want to have secondary Rhinoplasty

  • Secondary Rhinoplasty has some differences in comparison with first Rhinoplasty and doing it needs high skillfulness and expertise of nose surgeon in order to know complexity of nose and problems that generated as a result of first nose surgery.
  • This operation is successful if the generated problem is limited and be centralized. Treatment operations for renewal of structure of nose are often necessary if severe problems are made for nose.
  • For having suitable result and increasing level of satisfaction and advantages you should find an expertise nose surgeon who has experience in doing secondary Rhinoplasty and has good comprehension about expectation of his patient and also patient has realistic expectations.
  • For some people having secondary Rhinoplasty may have more risks in comparison to its advantages so it is better that these people do not want to have secondary nose surgery.

Purposes of secondary Rhinoplasty

  • Secondary nose surgery can treat appearance of nose which is inconsistent because of previous surgeries that are done on it.
  • If problems of nose are not removed in first Rhinoplasty they can be treated and removed in secondary nose surgery.
  • Breathing problems which are generated as a result of different surgeries can be treated by secondary nose surgery.
  • If secondary nose surgery is done by expert and skilful nose surgeon, satisfactory results are obtained and nose has beautiful and natural look, so it leads to increasing self confidence of person.
  • The most important obstacle in doing secondary Rhinoplasty is that nose surgeon tries to treat structure of a nose that is operated some times before and during that surgeries tissue of nose is removed and become limited .
  • For patients who do not satisfy of results of their nose surgery and now they do not know what changes their nose is needed, secondary nose surgery cannot have successful results for them. So because of this it is necessary that the patient consults with a nose surgeon and selects the best way for his or her nose problems. ( What does it mean by secondary Rhinoplasty )

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