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What should be done before nose surgery

What should be done before nose surgery ?

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is done for reshaping and beautifying of nose. In this kind of operation the only important criteria is not beautifying the nose but the normal functional of nose should be kept .in this article we want to know what should be done before having Rhinoplasty ( What should be done before nose surgery )

  • Do not take Aspirin or inflammatory medicines.What should be done before nose surgery
  • If you smoke, two weeks before nose surgery avoid smoking.
  • Make a copy from your doctor`s protocol.
  • One day before your operation ask someone accompany you to hospital and after surgery take you to your home.
  • For 24 to 72 hours after nose surgery one person should look after you so speak with a person to do this work for you.
  • Before Rhinoplasty prepare your doctor`s prescription.
  • For taking the medicines pay attention to the time for taking each medicine carefully.
  • Before Rhinoplasty do not use anti bacterial soap, ointment or sterile gas.
  • Buy needed medicines and about using them consult with your nose surgeon.
  • One night before nose surgery, prepare a suitable place for recovery and rest after operation. For example buy books and newspaper or put TV control in available place. Prepare water vapor and hot water bottle and also prepare a bin for a time when you feel vomiting.
  • For having a better rest during the day pull the curtains.
  • Use whistle and domestic telephone calls systems and other similar things for asking help.
  • Provide frizzed meat for two weeks and during this time eat food which made soon and easily prepared like soup ,frizzed food , local yogurt , cheese and …. And surly consult with your doctor about eating food which contain sodium.
  • For reducing swells after Rhinoplasty provide ice compressor.
  • For cutting place you can use moisturized creams, healing scars medicines and suitable gels if you have open nose surgery.
  • Using anti constipation medicines is useful.
  • Also you can use eye drops.
  • In necessary situation provide handy shower and bath chair.
  • Near the place you rest put a phone with speaker and when you want to sleep turn off telephone sound to not irritate you in tine of your sleeping.
  • According to topic of this article for being ready before nose surgery in the day you want to have Rhinoplasty wear soft and loose cloths that you can take them off easily.
  • Also pay attention to the instructions that your nose surgeon gives you about necessary medicines, what should be eaten or drunk and other important things.


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