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What Should You Do After Nose Job

What Should You Do After Nose Job

What Should You Do After Nose Job? This article gives you a deep insight of things you should do after nose job. After a nose surgery you may have a middle pain, it is natural and can be reduced and relieved with medications.

In order to have a better recovery period, important do’s and don’ts are listed below. Please follow these advices to experience less discomfort after a nasal surgery.(What Should You Do After Nose Job)

 12 Things you should do after rhinoplasty

  1. Drink soft food and much liquid up to second days after nose surgery. Liquids prevent your mouth from getting dry, but after two days you can have your normal diet.

What Should You Do After Nose Job


  1. Do not smoke after nose job, because it can stimulate you nose and can cause coughing, so you may have a nosebleed in healing process.
  2. Avoid doing intense or severe activities, doing sports, and lifting anything heavy at least two weeks after rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, sexual activities must be reduced up to three weeks.
  3. Try to breathe through your mouth during healing time and do not blow your nose, your nasal tissues are so sensitive after surgery, so blowing or sniffing can cause irritating.
  4. Apply cold compress around your nose and eyes each five hour to reduce bruising and swelling for first twenty hours after nose job.
  5. Sleep with head lifted up to one week after surgery and support your head with some pillows.(What Should You Do After Nose Job)
  6. Alcohol can have adverse effects with medicines you take in recovery time. So stop drinking alcohol beverages for two weeks.
  7. Wear loose and comfortable clothed like button down t-shirts to avoid hitting your nose by taking your clothes off above your head.
  8. Use sunscreen and avoid exposing to the sunlight, because your nose skin is extremely sensitive after rhinoplasty and beam of the sun can hurt it.
  9. Take tub bath for two days, and after two days wash your hair with face-lifted. It is better someone help you, and avoid hot water because it can cause dizziness.
  10. Do not wear glasses especially on the bridge of your nose for a month. Instead use contact lenses to reduce pressure on your nose to the minimum.
  11. Call your nose surgeon in emergency cases, for example, if your nose bleeding did not stop after ten minutes, if you have heavy nose bleeding of light red, if your body temperature is high, if you sneeze so much and finally if you have some pain that it does not go after taking pain killers.

It is noteworthy to remind this point that, do not compare your result with others. This is a big mistake. As you know everybody has a unique character and anatomy, so the final result in each person is different. Evan a good nose surgeon does not expect perfection when he or she goes for a surgery, but a skilled surgeon knows how manipulate the nose structure, and how reshape the bone and nose that best harmony between nose and other parts of the face attains.

Of course, you can tell you surgeon all of your expectations during consultation, and listen to your doctor advices. A profession surgeon can show you the result of the nose surgery by digital imaging before nose job.

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