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Who are suitable for nose surgery?

Who are suitable for nose surgery?Who are suitable for nose surgery

Who are suitable for nose surgery? One of the most common types of plastic operations regarding the face is nose surgery that became usual all around the world and more and more people like to do nose surgery. These days Because of advances in technology most diseases are curable and nose surgery is one of these medical problems that it is possible to change the form of any nose with any shape. But the question is who the best candidate for nose surgery is. For example people whose noses are asymmetric , have nasal hump or their noses have deviation in a way that makes their faces not to be normal or the people who have fleshy noses and tip of their noses are so big and flat . Among these people there are some persons whose noses are hit and this hit makes deviation on their noses. Usually these people lose their confidence among their friends and also in society and as a result the quality of their life reduced.

Good conditions for nose surgery

The person should be in healthy situation physically and spiritually.

If the person is in complete healthy situation, the recovery after nose surgery and also the effects of operation after surgery are reduced. If the person has any hesitation about his physical health, the nose surgery did the relevant tests and checks up the person generally. Any person who does nose surgery should expect logical results from the operation. So the person who wants to see illogical result from their nose surgery or suffer from some illnesses like depression or obsession is not a good candidate for nose surgery.

Suitable age for nose surgery   

The person should be in appropriate age for doing nose surgery and this is the time when the nose is fully grown so nose surgery can be done .this age is different among girls and boys . For boys 15 up to 17 and for girls 14 up to 16 is the age that the nose is completely grown while nose surgery for old persons has age limitation. Although if the person is in complete physical and spiritual health, even in eighties nose surgery is possible to be done.

Good finical condition

Another condition for nose surgery is that the person has finical independence. The person who wants to do this kind of plastic surgery should pay the expenses of this operation.

Good condition of nose

The skin of the nose is an important factor that has significant effect on the result of surgery. If the person has light skin, he or she is a better candidate for nose surgery rather than a person who has thick skin and the result of his surgery is more satisfactory.

People who ask from themselves that whether they are appropriate cases for nose surgery or not, apart from the issues that discussed above, they have to consult with a nose surgeon and when the nose surgeon does complete check up all of your questions will be answered


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