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Is Winter a Good Season for Nose Job

Is Winter a Good Season for Nose Job?

Is Winter a Good Season for Nose Job : Many people, usually ask when is the best time for nose surgery? Surgeon’s answer is fall and winter.

Certainly there are some advantages of nose job in winter. As an instance, in the winter you expose to the sun less than summer that could affect on your healing.

Some people refuse all types of plastic surgery because of long-lasting healing period. It is inevitable, but sometimes you accept a little hardness for a desired goal. So they go for a plastic surgery like nose surgery.

Profits of Winter Nose Job

Nose job in winter has some benefits, and effects on healing and recovery time. Due to Is Winter a Good Season for Nose Job?the weather is colder in the winter, patients may experience less swelling after nose rhinoplasty in this season. Another advantage is that in winter people get less sun which can improve their healing. Off course, because of coldness and dryness in this season, maybe your skin becomes dry, but it’s not important, because your surgeon may prescribes you ointment and pomade to keep you skin in good condition.

Recovery Time for Winter Rhinoplasty

After nose job you will experience some pain, discomfort and maybe headache, but these disappear after couple of days. You may feel congestion or eclipse in your nose that it goes after three days or so. Around your eyes and nose may bruise, but bruising fades after almost a week. ( Is Winter a Good Season for Nose Job )

After a week you can back to work and most of the swelling and bruising have gone, but a little swelling may persist up to one year, So usually final result won’t appear before a year.

To accelerate healing process follow instructions your surgeon tells you with accuracy. For decreasing swelling you can put cold compresses on your nose, and sleeping on your back will help decreasing swell.

In addition, choose your surgeon very carefully. A skilful and proficient surgeon applies both advanced techniques and technologies. A skilled surgeon uses methods to speed your recovery timeline after rhinoplasty. In addition, an adept and expert plastic surgeon knows how to do surgery that you have less bruising and swelling.( Is Winter a Good Season for Nose Job )

Avoid taking medicines which dilute blood at least two weeks before your nose job, but if you take any medicine tell your doctor. Avoid smoking and wearing sunglasses up to several weeks. Winter with dry winds can shrivel your skin, so provide your skin with pomades your surgeon has prescribed for you.

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